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Extrasensory Perception


††††††† Extrasensory perception is a special and in some ways strange sixth sense. This sense is far beyond vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. ESP has virtually boundless or unlimited range; it is practiced primarily as a thought rather than a body impression. In this speech I am going to talk what the definition of ESP and the major types of ESP. I will also discuss both sides of the debate on ESP phenomenon to find out what might be behind it. I will also talk about the false psychics can fake ESP and talk about the trickery factors into the ongoing argument.


††††††††† Extrasensory perception is an expression or a term used to describe various hypothetical mental abilities. It is also referred as PSI or Paranormal Phenomenon. The major types of Extrasensory perceptions are Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Retrocognition, Mediumship and Phychometry. Telepathy is the ability to read others mind. Clairvoyance is the ability to ďseeĒ events or objects happening somewhere else. Precognition is the ability to see the future, Retrocognition is for past. Mediumship is ability to control dead spirits and finally Phychometry is reading the information about a person or an object by touching it. The basic concept of all these abilities is based on the idea that human beings can perceive things beyond the scope of known bodily senses.† Although this idea is different from modern idea or conception, this modern conception was developed around the half of the 20th century. The first modern concept was developed in 1934 by J.B. Rhine in the Duke University. †He was the first respected scientist to conduct paranormal research in a university laboratory.


††††††††† Scientists and many other people still believe that ESP is worthless. There are various reasons and theories explaining how Extrasensory perception works, although these theories are beyond or are totally outside our understanding of scientific understanding. Although the proponents arenít exactly supposed to fit into the scientific conception anyways, these theories fit into conceptions like God or afterlife. They do not depend on the physical laws of the universe but they depend on a existence of a soul of some sort. The first theory states that there is electromagnetic energy that travels from mind to mind but it doesnít work with Precognition or Retrocognition. How can energy travel through time? Another theory is that there is a signal between two minds and it is strong if person is next to each other or are on opposite sides of world. Although skeptics pointed out that there is no other form of energy and that they havenít found any unexplained organs that could pick up these kinds of signals or energy. Even after this there are still people who believe in Extrasensory perception.


††††††††† Most of the believers believe in Extrasensory perception because they had a experience of this paranormal phenomenon. Then they would hear amazing stories about ESP and other hypothetical realities from reliable sources and be convinced that ESP exists and it is real. The people who study and believe in extrasensory perception are called parapsychologists and having been studying and making an attempt to prove ESP since 1930s. They come a long way, although each of the theories is shown impossible by skeptics.


††††††††† In conclusion Extrasensory perception is an amazing sense beyond any of the other senses. It has been with us since the beginning of mankind but modern theories and concepts are different than those that have been with us since the start. The theories and modern concepts didnít start until the first half of the 20th century. ESP has received lot of credibility over the past 100 yeas but still hasnít been proven and there is always a huge phyparapsychological debate. I believe that the skeptical viewpoint of ESP is far more superior to the people who believe in ESP. Even the parapsychologists agree with this, they believe that the world should steer away from emotional responses and focus on logical analysis. I would also like to state that we still donítí know whether or not Extrasensory perception exists or not, it doesnít make any sense according to our understanding about the way physics operates the universe. Though this isnít a valid and a fair reason to rule it out, people have changed out laws and thinking about how universe works due to the new evidence. The science isnít what canít be done but it is about figuring out what can be done.†